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"coming together is a beginning. keeping together is progress. working together is success." - henery Ford.

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CEO AND President

With over 35 years of experience in event management and marketing communications in the high-tech business arena, I believe that being a strategic partner in providing creative, cost effective solutions to our customer's challenges is our fundamental responsibility. Having been on both sides of the table as a corporate client and as a vendor, Meet with Success offers a unique perspective into the resources, time and budgetary constraints that our clients continually face. We study our client’s needs, goals, audience and budget and then present a variety of innovative options for them to choose from.

The strength and depth of our leadership team and proven experience and excellence of our partnerships play a key role in delivering on our promises. Our mission is to bring partners together to drive business success. Meet with Success is committed to providing the highest level of industry expertise, integrity and dedication to the success of our customers and business partners. Our PROMISE is to provide you with the professional & experienced meeting and event management and marketing communication services you need, when you need them, to achieve your business objectives on budget and on time. Our goal is to be a natural extension of your team. We are on your team only when you need us, and off your payroll when you do not.

We would be delighted to tell you more about what we do and how we can support your program goals.


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We help global clients put customers and partners at the center of their businesses, turning social media marketing into smarter business experiences. Our technology and service partners include the industry’s leading Fortune 500 technology companies, marketing firms and digital agencies. We support your organization and time management, negotiation and budget management, creative agency services and a full range of Social Media Marketing. Together, we make it simple to put Success to work for your business by matching the right skills & services for the right job!

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There are very few certainties in life, but with our diverse team of talented professionals and strategic partners, you can rest assure Meet with Success will not disappoint Experience Matters!

ABOUT our work

The projects we work on are as diverse as our clients' businesses and just as unique as their vision. We challenge tradition in order to pave the way for new innovative ideas. This notion is discernible in all of our services rendered. Click Here to request program samples

services overview

Meet with Success is on your team only when you need us, and off your payroll when you do not.
The success of an event can often hinge on selecting and managing the right supporting services.
Our team has created relationships with some of the best service providers and vendors in the
industry to produce extraordinary events.


Meet with Success will manage your total Program Planning & Conference Management  from brainstorming  to design, production, execution and follow-up. This allows for our Clients to focus on their business demands, content  development & speaker identification. We understand that discipline  and attention to detail are an integral part of the planning process. No detail, big or small, is left to chance. Along the way, we continually monitor activities and make the necessary  adjustments , as well as be prepared  with contingency plans. Our approach and dedication to the client’s goals are two essential elements for a successful conference, campaign or event. Feel the Power of Success!


At Meet with Success, we bring you more than 35 years of successful leadership for Special Events, Training Programs, Conferences, Product Launch Campaigns Incentives and …. This is leadership that is flexible, creative, strategic and tactical at all the right times.  This is topflight expertise that you don’t have to own to benefit from.  Experience in consulting, planning and producing projects provides us with an in-depth understanding of all critical issues while allowing us to remain focused on the grand design and always attentive to maximizing your marketing investment. 

We Look Beyond the Obvious!


At Meet with Success, identifying your objectives, developing your messages and focusing on execution are three pivotal factors in creating a successful program. We’ll help you develop a variety of pre-show planning activities to identify and attract your potential audience. Responsiveness is one of our strongest attributes. We will work with you and your teams to ensure that your objectives are met.  Knowing how to make your budget sing while maximizing your investiment, knowing how to match audience and setting, goals and creativity, technology and performance management will inspire that optimal meeting experience.  This is How We Define and Design SUCCESS!

We pride ourselves in our ability to create Strategic Program Design Solutions which ensure the success of your meetings, special events and trade show related requirements through a wide variety of services. We PUSH the Boundaries!

Marketing communication services

By utilizing a variety of Marketing Communication Services, Meet with Success will reflect your company’s style, its culture and personality. From Social Media Campaigns,  custom graphics and videos to themed collateral, package design and websites, MwS is able to deliver an innovative and creative approach, strong management skills and an eye for every detail, which produces an impactful impression on your target audience(s). We will measure specific aspects of the program and obtain quantifiable results – results used to measure program & speaker effectiveness, suggested improvements and baseline data for future program comparisons. This information will provide you with the tools necessary to maximize your project’s goals and investment. MwS delivers the one thing that matters – Measurable Results!   Think Outside of the Box!